AirNL - AirNL

AirNL is a project by Maemo BV of the Netherlands with a major goal to provide airline services between the economical and touristic areas of importance in Western and Eastern Europe.

AirNL provides connections between these important areas which are not taken care of by the traditional airlines, and will not be serviced by those airlines in the near future.

At this moment it is almost impossible to take a direct flight from the industrial important areas in Western Europe and the growing, important and upcoming regions in Eastern Europe.

AirNL is going to provide connections on a bases of the cartwheel principal. This means that an aerial service will be provided, much like a bus service, that will attend the participating airport at least two times a day in a regular schedule.

AirNL will not be a low cost carrier, but a reasonable priced carrier.
All the destinations will have fixed airfares not depending on the fact how soon you make your reservation. There also will not be any difference in different classes. “One size fits all.”  

A larger aircraft manufacturer, and AirNL have joined forces in this endeavour.

The areas chosen to be connected by AirNL are for this moment:

  • The Dutch – German border area including the Ruhr area.
  • The Baltic Area.
  • Russia (St. Petersburg Area).
  • Western Ukraine
  • North of former Yugoslavia
  • The French – Swiss – Italian border area.

All of the areas have catchment areas (200 km) with over 1.000.000 inhabitants

The intended aircraft manufacturer and the airports of choice in the regions as mentioned have involved themselves by signing the participation and commitment to the project.
The airports involved are not the major international airports in their country or area but are all graded as “international airport.”

Time schedule of the project:

  • Research and feasibility study finished by the end of Q3 2016
  • Marketing and implementation by the partners by the end of Q1 2017
  • Establishment of the legal entities needed by the end of Q4 2016
  • Implementation of secondary services by the end of Q 1 2017
  • Aeronautical permits and concessions by the end of Q4 2016
  • Start of operations during Q2 2017.

In the catchment areas of the airports involved an intensive cooperation will be achieved with local authorities, organisations, chambers of commerce and tourist’s boards in order to get the maximum result out of the area to the benefit of AirNL and vice versa the benefits to be achieved to boost business, trade and tourism in the regions involved, who are all looking for exclusive possibilities for promoting their local economies.